Our Accreditation

Our Accreditation is awarded, based on our unique and impartial EDI Accreditation Framework©. The framework of 120 measures considers performance of a workplace in 3 categories: People, Environment, Culture.

Accreditation is awarded to organisations based on who they employ, what roles their people occupy, how they pay their employees and if they consistently ensure their policies, operations and procedures are fair and fit for purpose.

These measures were designed with each of the 9 protected characteristics under the Equalities Act 2010, in mind – Age, Disability, Gender reassignment, Marriage & Civil partnership, Pregnancy & maternity, Race, Religion and belief, Sex and Sexual Orientation.

Most importantly every measure is evidenced by understanding how their people actually FEEL!

Good policies do not automatically reflect the authentic culture of an organisation. Our accreditation is only awarded where policies align with the lived reality of the people working there.

We’re not box tickers. Our process of accreditation goes beyond the data, keeping people at the heart of what we do.

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Three levels of attainment

Becoming accrEDIted© delivers benefits to every organisation, whatever its size or sector. Recognising EDI improvement takes time and commitment, our accreditation levels acknowledge where the organisation is on its journey


The highest accolade an organisation can achieve – they will be exemplary in all measures – beacons of best practice.


For organisations who have made a great start and are showing determined, long-term commitment to continuous improvement.


For organisations, who are starting out on the EDI journey – they are doing good things, but still have room for further improvement.

Start your journey with us today…

EDI Accreditation looks beyond the statistics to deliver a comprehensive and true picture of working life within the organisations we accredit.

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